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TV Commercial / Digital

After John Urbano was awarded the Garnier Nutrisse campaign, he shot three TV commercials with ad agency Publicis Worldwide. This campaign became an iconic anthem, boldly capturing the spirit of a new generation of women, women who embody the “world of possibilities” attitude. They don't shy away or cover up; they draw strength from what makes them unique. Full of modern style, attitude, and youthful spirit, John’s spots deliver the message that when a woman has gorgeous, healthy, vibrant Garnier hair there's nothing she can't do.

For this particular project it was crucial that John's director of photography was a talented hair specialist who understands how to light hair and make it look great in every shot. John selected Pete Konczal for this task.

GARNIER / Nutrisse: Spot 01


Find Your Boldest Burgundy


Dare to Go Blue Black


Go Platinum


Intensify Your Red

GARNIER / Nutrisse: Directors Cut

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