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The short documentary ABBY was inspired by a story that Abby's father told filmmaker John Urbano. A few years ago, Abby had just graduated from high school. The type of high school diploma she received would not allow her to apply to or attend college. Due to Abby's cerebral palsy there was not a single company willing to give her a job. John asked Abby's family to tell Abby's story through video. Because Cerebral Palsy prohibits Abby from speaking, she writes her thoughts, her dreams, and her troubles, from her unique perspective. Her family of seven weaves in and out of this documentary, giving voice to the voiceless. Her family’s love and support is so deeply moving that it's hard to capture on film. The most beautiful part of the film for John as a filmmaker is the discovery of Abby's profound love of all animals. She currently trains all of the family dogs, connecting with them, and successfully modifying their behavior, without speaking a single word. Her dream is to work with animals.

Abby won the "Girl Empowerment Award" at the 39th Annual Chicago International Children's Film Festival.



• The 39th Annual Chicago International Children's Film Festival

• The Children's film festival in Seattle

• Dam Short Film Festival in Nevada

• 18th Annual Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival

• Louisville Children's Film Festival

• The Columbus International Film and Animation Festival.
• International Kids Film Festival (IKFF)

• Providence Children’s Film Festival

Producer: Vince Urbano

First Assistant: Reynaldo Herrera

Tech and Assistant: Sean Wuensch

Special Thanks: Bruce Asbury

Copywriter: Rick Clark

"God Whispered Your Name." Keith Urban

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