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EDITION SIZE: 1000 COPIES        300 PAGES         12"x15" HARDCOVER         BLACK AND WHITE TRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY         ISBN: 9780981900605

John Urbano 1 is the work of ten years of passionate all-film, black and white photography. The book houses a collection of fine art images, studies, stories, lessons, and love for the work, bringing together a number of girls whose diverse passions are represented in natural settings around the world. John succeeds in finding the story in each subject, a girl's loves and aspirations, as together photographer and subject explore the story, each amidst his and her passion and medium. Thus, the photos contain great spontaneity, authenticity, and realness. 

The book captures the times, personality, and style of the first decade of the 21st century. Add to this the fact that the photos were all hand-metered, this book could never be replicated, even with the best and most assiduous of intentions. Because it's a limited edition, the collection is a succinct and self-contained retrospective of a specific era of traditional medium format photography. 

While John works as a professional fashion photographer, this collector's volume is the soulfully personal exploration of an artist perfecting his craft and developing his aesthetic. The chemistry, trust, and intimacy he develops with his subjects, the flawless compositions, the rigor involved in capturing the most illuminating natural light at the moment of his subject's most exhilarating or pensive moments, the obvious freedom and joy expressed by the girls as they're being photographed, all point to John Urbano's profound love of photography and the beauty in this collector's gallery of photographic renderings.

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