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Arhaus wanted to do something different: to be the first in the furniture industry to tell a series of beautifully made stories photographically and cinematically. Arhaus contracted John Urbano to help tell the first three stories. John shot, directed, and edited all of the video and photography. The first story is Upholstery, made in the USA. John documented some of the best artisans in America doing what they love: making great furniture.


The second story is From Italy With Love. Arhaus sent John Urbano to his own mother's native country of Italy to document the passion that goes into making tables, chairs, and lighting. John captured techniques passed down from generation to generation. Shooting for eight days straight in Northern Italy, Urbano documented the Italian artisans, the culture, the countryside, and the families who make Arhaus furniture great.

The third story is The Green Initiative. It's all about sustainability and what Arhaus is doing directly to make a difference, starting with planting over 65,000 trees through their partnership with American Forests.


ARHAUS / Upholstery


ARHAUS / From Italy With Love

From Itay With Love

ARHAUS / The Green Initiative

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