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After John Urbano was awarded the Real Women FA Feel Fantastic campaign, he shot four years in a row with German ad agency DDB and production company EP Films. The first campaign was shot over eight days in Brazil with big wave surfer Maya Gabeira along with lifeguard champion Thomas Vilaceca. John shot five TV commercials, a documentary, and a series of online tutorials. John teamed up with world-renowned big wave cinematographer Don King to capture all of the in-the-water shots. 


The second shoot took place in The Dominican Republic, where John shot four TV commercials and a series of social media photographs and content. Going back to the Dominican Republic for the third and fourth shoots, John created six more TV commercials, print advertisements, and social media content. 

John's short documentary was picked up by the Honolulu Surf Film Festival and was screened in 2017 as the opening film for the women's short films program. While John was working with Maya for four years, she became a Guinness World Record holder for the largest wave ever ridden by a woman, at a staggering 68 feet. She then went on to break her own record riding a wave measured at 73.5 feet. In John's documentary on Maya, she talks about what it was like to die and be brought back to life on that wave four years prior.

MAYA GABEIRA / Big Wave Surfer: documentary


Fa FEEL FANTASTIC / Maya Gabeira, Sharlene Radlein, Maria Ivakova

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